Conservation for the people

About Us


Yunkawasi was founded in 2007, by Fanny Fernández Melo and Fanny M. Cornejo. Since then, we have worked with Amazonian and Andean communities to understand their natural resources and provide them with technical support on how to use and conserve them. We conduct biological and social assessments to understand the intersection of benefits to nature and the human populations surrounded by it. We work in a participatory way with human communities to make decisions and implement conservation projects.

Our work covers three main axes: environmental education, social development and scientific research. We firmly believe that nature conservation is achieved through a comprehensive approach that involves knowledge generation (scientific research, both biological and social), education of actors and decision makers, and sustainable development proposals.

We work mainly with threatened animal species, who, due to their charisma and wide distributions, serve as excellent “flagship” species for conservation initiatives. Our work focuses on the Andean bear and primate species of Peru, such as the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, Andean night monkey, howler monkeys, and the Tumbes machín monkey.