Conservation for the people


Fanny Fernandez Melo


It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of the president and founder of Yunkawasi, Engineer Fanny Fernández Melo. Her work has not died, it will continue now and always, for those of us who believe in nature conservation and sustainable development.


Engineer Fanny Fernández Melo has promoted environmental care through the development of environmental education since 2002 at the Ecological Forum of Peru, directing the Environmental Culture Program on the use of water in educational institutions in Lima and other regions. , through interactive workshops, participation in RPP radio programs, in the organization of the First National School Contest "Mitos y Leyendas del Agua en el Perú" / “Myths and Legends of Water in Peru”, which resulted in a beautiful book sponsored by the World Bank and the Ministry of Housing in 2007, which has been socialized and distributed in various regions of the country where schoolchildren and their teachers participated.

She was a representative of the Environmental Networks before the Technical Committee of the Framework Agreement on Environmental Education with the Ministry of Education from August 2003 to December 2007, where she directed the Training Commission to transmit knowledge and experiences to teachers in Lima and other regions in the thematic of the environment and biodiversity.

She was one of the promoters and managers of the Primatology Symposiums in Peru, which have been critical in promoting the development of primatological research and student training at the national level.

It had an enormous capacity to create synergies with other environmental associations, municipalities, Educational Management Units, universities, the same ones that have sponsored the various environmental activities and books that have been developed. She has socialized and presented his experiences at various Environmental Education Congresses and other events in order to motivate the care and conservation of biodiversity. To do this, she used the “Yellow-tailed woolly monkey” as a flag, a species in critical danger of extinction.

Promoted care of the environment and conservation of biodiversity at the national level through the development of workshops, conferences, compilation of ancestral knowledge and other actions through the non-profit Civil Association Yunkawasi, having carried out to date more than 400 workshops in rural and urban communities in the country, at the level of schoolchildren, teachers, university students and residents, creating teaching material and specialized games that allow understanding and developing capacities in relation to care and conservation of the environment and its biodiversity. She organized the First National School Contest “Mitos y Leyendas de Monos del Perú” / “Myths and Legends of Monkeys of Peru” in 2010, where she produced a beautiful book that compiles the ancestral knowledge of the various regions of the country. It has also organized the National School Contest “Conociendo mi bosque apoyo su conservación” / “Knowing my forest, I support its conservation” in 2012, resulting in a book that captures the knowledge of the great variety of forests that Peru has and through its legends the enormous concern of the inhabitants. to conserve and protect their forests.

Distinctions received:

  • Honorary diploma awarded by the World Bank and the Ministry of Housing for the organization of the First National School Contest “Myths and Legends of Water in Peru”. 2007, Lima.
  • SATO Award (Service through Occupation) awarded by the Rotary International Club, to outstanding individuals in service to their community. 2012, Lima.
  • Illustrious Guest of the Province of Bongara, Amazonas, for efforts to conserve primates in the Amazonas region. 2010, Jumbilla.
  • Lawrence Jacobsen Environmental Education Development Award. Awarded by the International Society of Primatology. 2009, Kyoto.

Selected conference presentations: 

  • Cornejo, F.M. and Fernández-Melo F. 2012. Four years of primate conservation education in Peru. XXIV Congress of the International Primatological Society, Cancun, Mexico.
  • Fernández, F. and Cornejo, F.M. 2008. Environmental Education for the Conservation of Peruvian Primates. Book of Abstracts of the 1st Meeting of the Sociedad Peruana de Mastozoología Pg. 64.
  • Fernandez Melo Fanny, 2007. Environmental Culture and Water use on Educational Institutions in Peru. Latin American Conference for Water Usage. LATINOSAN 2007, Cali, Colombia.

Publicaciones educativas seleccionadas:

  • Fernandez-Melo F. and Cornejo, F.M (compilers). 2012. “Conociendo mi bosque apoyo su conservación / Knowing my forest I support its conservation”. Yunkawasi.
  • Fernandez-Melo F. and Cornejo, F.M (compilers). 2010. “Mitos y Leyendas de Monos del Perú”.Ed. San Marcos, ISBN 978-612-302-172-6
  • Fernandez, F. and Cornejo, F.M. 2008. “2009 Calendar: Monkeys of Peru”, where the winners of the 1st school monkey drawing contest in Peru appear. Edited and published by Yunkawasi.
  • Fernández-Melo, F. 2007. “Mitos y leyendas del Agua en el Perú”. Edited and published by the World Bank
  • Fernández-Melo, F. 2006. “Las Aventuras de Gotita y sus Amigos”. Edited and published by the Ministry of Education of Peru.
Video in honor of the memory of Engineer Fanny Fernández Melo, presented during the 1st Congress of the Peruvian Association of Primatology